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Community Servers
Community servers
How to add them
You must have Obsidian Fear as Server name
Donation for your server , you must provide a paypal link ,  be on steam so we can contact you.
Provide Community members support , 
Cost to add Servers? No cost just have Obsidian Fear in the name on the server and provide the community the support.
Server banner you can send Geus the HTML it will be added on the site 
Or Server info
Obsidian Fear is not responsible for Community server or Donation.

Community Servers List


Server Name
Obsidian Fear
Server Admin Geus
​Private Hosted

Rising Storm 2
Rented Server

IP address:
We are playing "All the Mods" version 1.10   found on the Twitch App.

Rented Server
Server Admin Sylaura

Rented Server
IP: Name Obsidian Factory
passworded.  message Isca  for the password ( on TS)

​Server Admin Geus
​Look for Obsidian Fear Servers

Left 4 Dead 2
Free Hosted on Private Server  Obsidian Fear

Server Admin Geus

Ark Rented Server
Current map Ragnarok

To connect.. go on steam // top menu // View // Server // Add this server
But add this IP on Steam